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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nurse Recruitment Firms

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The following comprises the most extensive list of nurse recruitment firms, both in the U.S. and interntionally. Our firm represnts over 100 hospitals and thousands of foreign nurses. This page can help you find a career in nursing and a hospital which will sponsor you for permanent residence.
Persons who are not nurses who are searching for job opportunities may obtain access to over 500,000 jobs

Access Nursing Services — (212) 206-9200 New York

Adevia Health — (800) 293-9138 UK-based with offices worldwide.

ADEX Medical Staffing, LLC — (866) 341-2339 Alpharetta, GA

AGA Global Resources — (845) 268-2395 New York. Specializes in nurses from the Philippines.

Alda Professional Placement Services — (732) 398-9974 Plano, TX. Specializes in nurses from the Philippines, India and China.

All About Staffing, Inc. — 1-800-737-8661 Sunrise, FL with offices in India and the Philippines.

Alpha International Employment Services — (213) 383-0938 Los Angeles, CA with an office in the Philippines. Specializes in nurses from the Philippines.

Amerecares — (310) 492-5727 California.

ASMCI USA — (661) 943-6549 Lancaster, CA with offices in the Philippines.

Assignment America — (866) 593-8178 Massachussettes. A recruiting affiliate of Cross Country Healthcare, Inc.

Avant Healthcare Professionals — (407) 681-2999 Florida. Firms in the Philippines, Hong Kong, New Zealand, India and Poland.

Blue Heron HealthPro — (866) 795-4279 New York.

Bonacare USA — (866) 527-2882 Saint Louis, MO. Offices in South Korea.

Bridge Staffing, Inc. — (866) 661-7070 Alabama. Only recruits nurses from English speaking countries.

Cambridge Healthcare — (800) 811-5549 Ellicott City, MD with offices in the Philippines, UAE, and India.

Carex Global Recruitment — San Jose, CA with offices in the Philippines, Singapore and Turkey.

CBH Healthcare Recruiter. — (602) 404-0417 Phoenix, AZ.

Chembola American Group — (914) 793-0183 New York, India based nurse recruiter.

Christine Paris Enterprises USA Inc. — (305) 971-5934 Miami, FL.

Cirrus Global — (632) 817-6172 Philippines based nurse recruiter, with an office in the US.

Comprehensive New Era Resource Group International, Inc. (CNERGI) — (415) 955-0528 USA, with an office in the Philippines and Canada.

Connectics Nursing — San Diego, CA. Specialized in nurse recruitment within the U.S., Canada, Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.

DB Healthcare — (781) 273-3244 Burlington, MA. Also has multiple CGFNS & NCLEX Training Centers around India. Nurses from India and the Philippines.

DirectSource Healthcare — (732) 303-8200 New Jersey

Everest Health Care Services, LLC — (732) 548-2700 Edison, NJ with an office in India and the Philippines.

EZ Staffing, Inc. — (866) 363-2500 California

GlobalCare, Inc. — (888) 538-8899 California, with office in the Philippines.

Global Healthcare Group — (717) 540-1500 or (800) 364-1218 Pennsylvania, with office in India. Has affiliates in the Philippines, Canada and the UK.

Global Healthcare Resources, Inc. — (703) 481-2204 Virginia

Global Medical Staffing, LLC — Greensboro, NC with offices in Romania and Moldova. Recruites nurses from Eastern Europe,Nigeria, China, Vietnam and Central and South America.

Global Nurse Recruiters Corporation — (877) 888-9216 Gainesville, FL.

Global Nurses Network — (408) 361-8014 Wisconsin, with an office in India. — (800) 323-7408 California, with an office in the UK.

Global Nursing International — (404) 474-2755 Atlanta, GA.

Global RNsource — (800) 479-7948 or (310) 909-8813 California

GlobeMed Resources — Virginia, with offices in the UK and numerous cities in India.

Grow, Inc. — (632) 893- 5267 Philippines, with an office in the US.

HCCA International — (800) 932-4685 Brentwood, TN with offices in the UK and the Philippines.

Healthcare Resources International, LLC — Burlington, CT.

HealthStar International, Inc. — (979) 282-9009 Wharton, TX. Recruites nurses from India and the Philippines.

HMI – Health Management, Inc. — (202) 887-8110 Washington, DC with an office in India.

HealthSource Global Staffing — (800) 458-8973 San Francisco, CA.

Horizon Recruitment Pacific Corporation — (632) 724-8601 The Philippines

Humane Concepts Healthcare Professionals Inc. — (908) 964-3397 Union, NJ. Recruits nurses from the UK, Canada and Australia.

Institute of California Bilingual Medical Staffing — (310) 443-4178 Los Angeles, CA with an office in Mexico.

International Healthcare Recruiters, Inc. — (954) 723-1253 Plantation, FL.

International MedLink – (615) 385-7236 Nashville, TN with offices in The Philippines.

International Recruiting Group, Inc. — (213) 632-1800 Los Angeles

InterStaff, Inc. — Houston, TX.

IPAMS – Industrial Personnel and Management Services, Inc. — Philippines based global recruitment firm.

John Clements Consultants, Inc. — (632) 884-1227 The Philippines

Job2Career — (866) 714-3220 Miami, FL with an office in India and Dubai.

JUNO Healthcare Staffing, LLC — (718) 396-7325 Elmhurst, NY.

Kennedy Healthcare Recruiting, Inc. — (413) 517-0063 Northampton, MA.

Lloyd Healthcare Staffing — USA

Medical Dynamic Systems Incorporated — (212) 777-8490 New York City

Medical Human Resources, LLC — (800) 561-9224 San Diego, CA.

Medliant — (650) 377-0990 San Mateo, CA with an office in the Philippines.

Med Search International, Inc. — (773) 924-2435 Chicago, IL with an office in The Philippines.

MED Talents, Inc. — (201) 384-7400 Bergenfield, NJ.

Mepco International — India, with an office in Dubai.

Modi Healthcare Placement — (646) 367-8914 India

NC Staffing — (888) 627-8233 Little Rock, AR.

Nurse Immigration Services, Inc. — (831) 425-5820 Santa Cruz, CA with an office in The Philippines. Has affiliates in Canada, India, South Africa, China and Ghana.

Nurse Immigration USA, LLC — (520) 281-0125 Nogales, AZ.

NursesJobUSA — (404) 849-0622 or (404) 368-2036 Marietta, GA.

Nurses Network International — (866) 868-7737 Raleigh, NC.

Nurses ‘R’ Special — (818) 242-6333 Glendale, CA with an office in The Philippines.

Nurses to USA, Inc. — (352) 333-7514 Gainesville, FL.

Nursiko Technologies, Inc. — (732) 991-2213 USA

O’Grady Peyton International — (877) 504-7794 USA, with offices in Australia, South Africa, the UK, and Ireland.

On-Site Medical Staffing – (260) 434-1981 Fort Wayne, IN with no international offices.

Onward Healthcare — (800) 278-0332 Wilton, CT.

Pacific Link Healthcare — Atlanta, GA with offices in the UK, Philippines and India.

Pearls International Recruiting Agency — UK

Premier Healthcare Professionals — (866) 296-3247 Cumming, GA.

Professional Healthcare Resources — (866) 243-1234 Annandale, VA. Specializes in nurses from the Philippines.

Project Medic International — (949) 394-2383 Los Angeles, CA.

RCM Health Care Services — (212) 221-1544 New York City, with an office in the Philippines.

RN India — (866) 764-6342 Santa Monica, CA with offices in India.

RYMEK — (201) 368-8200 Paramus, NJ with an office in the Philippines.

Sentosa Recruitment Agency — (632) 633-8114 The Philippines, with an office in New York City.

Strategic Nurse Staffing — (866) 853-0227 Melville, NY.

Stateside Nursing International — (303) 926-7461 Louisville, CO with offices in the UK, The Philippines, Australia and Canada.

Stateside Nursing, Ltd. — 01923 213332 UK, with offices in the US. Only recruits nurses from English speaking countries.

Team Healthcare –(858) 523-9292 Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Specialized in healthcare recruitment in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, South Africa, Canada and the UK.

TGS Health Care Solutions, LLC — (732) 572-9600 ext.222 Edison, NJ.

Transpacific Nursing — (813) 230-4727 or (616) 304-3757 St. Petersburg, FL.

UniHealth America — (646) 536-3593 USA

United Nursing International — (866) 653-7111 or (972) 872-1736 USA

United Staffing Solutions, Inc. — (877) 468-7737 Culver City, CA.

Universal Staffing Services, Inc. — (632) 831-8470 Houston, TX.

White Glove — (866) 387-8100 Brooklyn, NY.

Wilson Staffing Network — (866) 686-1080 USA

Worldwide HealthStaff Associates, Ltd. — (866) 264-8022 Canada, with offices in the USA, UK, and The Philippines.

World Health Resources, Inc. — (201) 662-8907 Guttenberg, NJ with an office in the Philippines.

Worldwide Resource Network, Inc. — (919) 981-8888 Raleigh, NC with an office in the Philippines.

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