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Thursday, September 24, 2009

RP chosen for new healthcare KPO hub

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MANILA - First, there was business process outsourcing for college students. Now, Filipino nursing graduates who are looking for work and a chance to increase their skills further can do so by joining the knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) arm of Life-Stage Communications (LSC) Fly Free For Health.

Geoff Spiller, LSC joint managing director, said the LSC-KPO arm functions the same way as a call center but with a more specific focus on the heath needs of their clients. He said the company is looking to hire at least 100 Filipino health professionals in the next six months who will work as "medical butlers" and provide borderless healthcare to clients.

Spiller said the Philippines has several advantages not found elsewhere that makes it perfect as a KPO hub for the company.

"The Philippines has call center expertise that doesn’t exist elsewhere. It's got ample human resources who have good English language skills. Finally, there are so many nurses who are looking for jobs," he told during the company's launch on Wednesday.

Spiller said the KPO medical butlers are highly-skilled individuals who all have medical backgrounds. "They are going to be talking to customers who will ask them all sorts of questions. You have to have the basis to give information and refer the customer to the right person," he said.

Dr Wei Siang Yu, founder of Fly Free For Health, said the convergence of technology and global value chain management has made the evolution of healthcare business process outsourcing possible. He said the company's value chain of services, including medical concierge management, borderless multi-disciplinary management and borderless collaborative care, could help drive new patient leads, loyalty and repeat transactions for medical facilities.

He said the company also specializes in development of international medical tourism destinations, particularly in Southeast Asia and countries such as Korea, India, and Australia.
Spiller said the company is looking for an office in Pasay City for its first KPO center. He said the company is partnering with RA Gapuz Review Center, the largest review center for nurses in the Philippines, to offer KPO courses to willing students.

“These introductory courses are going to be a revolutionary step for nurses who are seeking alternative paths to nursing practice. We are confident that nurses in the Philippines are going to be very competitive in the global market of borderless healthcare,” said RAGRC president Dr. Mia Gapuz

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