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Monday, April 27, 2009

Download Nursing Softwares: FREE Healthcare Palm Software Downloads

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I often see in forums and other blogs, many nursing students and nursing professionals are looking for nursing software application that they can install in their Personal Data Assistant (PDA). As a nurse, you are face with challenging task and most often nurses and nursing students needs a quick and easy nursing application software offering easy access to the clinical information they need right in the palms of their hands.

This post will provide you lots of FREE Nursing Application Softwares available for you to download and quickly install. Take note that this website is not in any way responsible for any damages that might occur when installing theses Medical Softwares applications for your PDAs.

The cool thing about these softwares is that it makes your job easier and makes you efficient. You can lessen your errors and can make quick and accurate calculations all the time.

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v2.0 •
A program that will completely analyze arterial blood gases for you! No longer will you be confused by ABG's. Not only will the program tell you whether or not you have a metabolic or respiratory acidosis or alkalosis, but it will also calculate expected PCO2 and expected HCO3 when needed, and will then tell you if there is a concominant acid-base disorder. It will even calculate Anion Gap and Delta-Delta if necessary (not sure what Delta-Delta is? Download the program and we will tell you!). Compiled into fast, efficient machine code using Quartus Forth. Only needs 14K of your precious memory (no 50+ K math libraries required!).
Download ABG Pro Nursing Software

ACLS 2001 Review Flash Cards 1.2
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.3 • QuizApp (Free)
These flash cards are a review of the newly published ACLS protocols. The cards consists of 390 question and answer sets that were developed by physicians who are board certified in Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology. The cards can be played back in sequence, by category and randomly. Scoring is provided both as an overall grade and by category. Advanced text formating, such as bold, italics and bullet lists, make for easier reading and understanding. This card set is not meant to be a substitute for the standard textbooks of ACLS, such as the American Heart Association ACLS Provider Manual.
Download ACLS 2001 Review Flash Cards 1.2 Nursing Software

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v2.0
The ActiveECG program runs on any Palm Powered device with ROM version 2.0 or later. It demonstrates 13 different rhythms (normal sinus rhythm and 12 arrhythmias). It's a great teaching tool for showing different cardiac rhythms in real time!
Download ActiveECG Healthcare Software

Anemia Guide
Freeware: minimum requirement • Any Palm OS • TealInfo
This TealInfo folio is a guide to Anemia in children and adults. After picking a class of anemia (microcytic, normocytic or macrocytic), you can choose a type of anemia (for example, iron deficiency, thalesemia, chronic disease, lead poisoning, hemolysis, aplastic anemia, vitamin B12 or folate deficiency, etc) and see common lab values for that type of anemia and other details.
Download Anemia Guide Nursing Software for PDA

Apache II Score
Freeware: minimum requirement • Any Palm OS • HanDBase
Scoring system developed for quantifyng the severity of the illness for the intensive care patients, archive with date and patient name.
Download Apache II Score Software for any Palm OS • HanDBase

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS V2.0
A comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and management of asthma. This e-book designed for the iSilo document reader contains more than 170 pages of information woven together with hyperlinks to make finding the information you need fast and easy. Includes a step-by-step diagnostic algorithm, differential diagnosis, normal peak flow readings, classification of severity, and recommendations for treatment of chronic asthma and asthma exacerbations.

Includes information from the 1997 NAEPP Asthma Guidelines and an up-to-date survey of the asthma literature from 1998 through April 2001 with detailed references.
Download AsthmaMeister Nursing Software

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.1•
This application keeps track of the blood pressure readings. The readings are hightlighted with different colours based on the pressure values. The program also shows the overall average statistics and the weekly distribution.
All the pressure values can be ploted on several graphs with the ideal, borderline and hypertension lines.
Download BloodPressMgr Nursing Software Application

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.1•
Chemical Agents: Chloropicrin, Cyanogen Chloride, Diphosgene, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogen Cyanide, Lewisite, Mustard Gas, Nitrogen Dioxide, Perfluoroisobutylene, Phosgene, Phosgene oxime, 3-Quinuclidinylbenzilate (QNB), Sulfur Dioxide, T-2 Mycotoxin, Titanium Tetrachloride, White Phosphorus Biological Agents: Anthrax, Botulism, Brucellosis, Ebola, Lassa Fever, Plague, Ricin, Smallpox, Tularemia Nerve Gases: Sarin, Soman, Tabun, VX (Does not contain care instructions or recommended drugs/dosages and lab tests. For the professional version vist the developers home page)
Download BioChem Software for Palm OS

BMI Calculator
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v2.0•
The calculator contains a chart which shows the categories of BMI values for adults. It also gives some background on the use of BMI in the clinical area. The BMI is considered accurate in the clinical setting as a method of determining body fat of the adult.
Download BMI Calculator Nursing Software for Palm

Brain SCAN
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v 3.0
A seizure diagnostic tool. The "traditional" tool used to diagnose Pseudoseizures is a 512Hz Tuning Fork which is placed on the forehead of the person faking a seizure. They usually respond to the vibratory sensation by going into a very theatrical self-induced convulsions. By replacing the vibratory sensation of the tuning fork with an auditory stimulus (i.e. BrainSCAN) the same effect can be achieved. It is designed to reveal if a patient may be falsifying a seizure disorder. The help menu also provides tips on how to differentiate between real and false seizures.
Download Brain SCAN Nursing Application Software

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v2.0•
BreastCa is a breast cancer risk prediction tool. In particular, it is designed to be a fast, easy-to-use, and accurate implementation of two commonly-used models of breast cancer risk prediction: the Gail and Claus models.The most commonly used model for breast cancer prediction was originally developed by Gail et al. in 1989 (model 1) using data on women participating in the Breast Cancer Detection and Demonstration Project (BCDDP).The other commonly-used model was developed by Claus et al. on the basis of data from the Cancer and Steroid Hormone Study (CASH), and concentrates solely on family history risk factors.
Download BreastCa Medical Software

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.0
CardioMath is a calculator with over 50 commonly used formulas in cardiovascular medicine. It is designed to assist physicians, nurses, pharmacists, technologists, technicians, and other allied health professionals in the field of cardiovascular medicine to perform essential day-to-day calculations accurately and efficiently. These formulas are also commonly used by medical professionals involved in intensive and emergency care, internal medicine and rehabilitation. In addition, this program also serves as a reference and an education aid to these calculations.

CardioMath covers the following major areas in cardiovascular medicine ... - Echocardiography - EKG - Epidemiology - Exercise Stress Test - Hemodynamics - Unit Conversion (SI & US)
Download CardioMath Medical Application

Clinical Log 1.1
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.0 • HanDBase
Clinical Log 1.1 is a HanDBase applet Lyn created for keeping track of her clinical hours in her MSN-FNP classes. It can be individualized by using the popup list function to enter various clinical areas. You can view a running total of clinical hours and use the filter function to isolate total hours spent in a particular area. A brief 'How To' file is included to get you started. Please note that this applet will not track time over midnight from one day to the next.
Download Clinical Log 1.1 PDA Application Software

Doser 4.2
"No nag shareware": minimum requirement • Palm OS v2.0•
This is a program that calculates mcg/kg/min mg/kg/hr, rate mcg/kg/hr mg/kg/min useful for calculating various drug infusions.
Download Doser 4.2 Application for Palm

Drips 1.40
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.0•
Calculates IV doses for drugs. It allows use of multiple units e.g. lbs vs kg or mcg/kg/min vs mg/min.
You can save frequently used patterns / drug mixes, and beam them
Download Drips 1.40 Application

EBM Calculator
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.1• MathLib (included in download)
EBM Calculator is designed to calculate relevant statistics for: - Diagnostic studies, Prospective Studies, Case Control Studies, Randomized Control Trials(RCT)
Features: - Graphing function for pre-test probability and post-test probability with the calculated likelihood ratio in the Diagnostic Studies, Save the results for later retrieval, Convert ORs to NNTs
Download EBM Calculator

EBM Tables 2.0
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.1• MathLib (included in download)
EBM Tables - NNT Tables version 2.0 is an enhanced version of our previous NNT Tables. It now uses a common interface for NNT Tables, LR Tables, and SnNouts/SpPins Tables. Each set of tables contains it's own pdb file that you can load to your palm.

Features: Search function - allows user to search for specific keywords, Uses pdb files - the user can load one or more of the tables to the palm, NNT Tables - pdb file, LR Tables - pdb file, SnNouts/SpPins Tables - pdb file, Remove Database(s) - removes one or more database files (pdb).
Download EBM Tables 2.0 Software

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v2.0• HanDBase
eDrugsDataHDB contains information on over 2,450 generic drug listings. It gives the generic name, trade names, use or class, usual dose, pregnancy risk factor and additional information for each listing. It contains over 12,000 drug names and dosage forms.
Download eDrugsDataHDB Nursing Software for Palm OS

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v2.0• HanDBase
eDrugsRenalHDB is an add-on applet for HanDBase that contains a listing of 560 medications and recommended dosage adjustments for patients with renal insufficiency. Each listing displays generic name, trade name, class, and dosage recommendations for GFR 50-90, GFR 10-50, and GFR <10. target="_blank" href="">Download eDrugsRenalHDB

EMS Management System
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.3 • ThinkDB
The EMS Management System is a comprehensive ThinkDB application that allows EMS personnel to manage most aspects of their organization's operations including, but not limited to, Run Sheets, Triage, Personnel and Training.
Download EMS Management System Nursing Software

FDA CFR Clinical Trials
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.0 • iSilo

Code of Federal Regulations
Title 21, Volume 1
Revised as of April 1, 2003

TITLE 21 Part 50, Part 54, Part 56 and Part 312
Download FDA CFR Clinical Trials

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.3
Anesthesia resources version 1.0 contains information about perioperative management of pre-eclampsia, intracranial hypertension, sleep apnea, and more.

It also contains brief descriptions of 200 syndromes, and a Spanish to English medical phrasebook.
Download GASNet PDA

Glasgow Coma Scale
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v2.0 •
Commonly used standardized test, the Glasgow Coma Scale, evaluates brain injuries. It rates three categories of patient responses; Eye opening, best Motor response, and best Verbal response. Levels of responses indicate the degree of nervous system or brain impairment. Summed Glasgow Coma Scale Score = E+M+V (3-15)
Download Glasgow Coma Scale Application

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.0 • iSilo
HIPAA on HAND contains the Regulation Text Only of the HIPAA Regulations & Standards. And was transcribed from: The Office for Civil Rights website on Medical Privacy - National Standards to Protect the Privacy of Personal Health Information.

HIPAA on Hand is a PDA reference and is intended only as a quick reference guide.
Download HIPAA on HAND Software

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.0 • MathLib
50 adult ICU applications that assist with 78 medical equations including pulmonary, cardiology,BNP CHF nomogram, pharmacokinetic drug dosing, renal, electrolytes, nutrition, TPN, biostatistics, unit conversions, rules of thumb, plus an RPN scientific/financial calculator.(Requires MathLib to run download it here)

Download ICUmath Nursing Software

IVRate Calc
Sharware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v2.0
Calculate an intravenous drip rate in ml/hr. It features a user editable database of drugs to speed data entry. Or, you can choose not to use any of the drugs in the database and just enter the drug concentration manually. It requires no external math libraries or other programs.
Download IVRate Calc Application for Nurses and Medical

Freeware: minimum requirement • any Palm OS • iSilo
A Guide to the Management of High Cholesterol, Based on the recommendations of the Third Report of the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) expert panel on the detection, evaluation, and treatment of High Blood Cholesterol in Adults (Adult Treatment Panel III)

The most up-to-date (May 2001) recommendations for lipid management released by NCEP's ATP III (an NHLBI / NIH program). Evidence based recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force 2001 Update on Lipid Disorders in Adults. Algorithm for Determining 10 Year Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Clinical Risk.
Download Lipids Medical Software

Lung Injury Score

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.0
This is a simple calculator to determine the extent of lung damage present in your patients that have ARDS and that are on the ventilator. It is quite simple to use and the extent of damage to their lungs is easily stratified into a None, Mild, Moderate, or Severe probability of lung injury. Simply select from the drop-down menus and hit Lung Injury Score to calculate the extent of injury.

Those who chose to register will obtain FREE lifetime updates and bug fixes
Download Lung Injury Score Software for Palm

Freeware: minimum requirement • any Palm OS • iSilo
An electrolyte and acid-base management tool. It includes everything you will want to know about the symptoms, physical findings, causes, diagnosis and management of common and uncommon electrolyte disorders. This trial version has more than 380 pages of information woven together with hyperlinks to make finding the information you need easy. The registserd version is composed of more than 600 pages of information. Registration is free at the developers website.
Download LyteMeister Nursing Software

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v2.0 •
Rapid calculation of common equations used in internal medicine. A must have application!
Download MedCalc Nursing Application

Medical Abbreviations
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v2.0 • BDicty
Medical Abbreviations lexicon contains 440 entries. And a free public version of BDicty
Download Medical Abbreviations Nursing Software Application

Medical MathPad
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v2.0
MathPad equations for doing complex medical calculations, including A-a gradient, anion gap, body surface area/ body mass index, cardiovascular drips, emergency medicine doses, fractional excretion of Na, free water deficit, glasgow coma scale, isotonic dehydration, maintenance fluids, Na deficit, peak flows, plasma osmolality, schwartz equation, serum Na corrected, and WBC indices.
Download Medical MathPad Nursing App

Medical Mnemonics
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v 2.0
Remember the important details even when you're on the go with a custom-made application dedicated to medical mnemonics. Gain some extra study-time by practicing recall while between appointments. All mnemonics and their diagrams, as well as individual program displays, can be customized to suit personal learning. Medical Mnemonics program comes with hundreds of useful mnemonics that have been compiled over the years. Regular updates are sent automatically to registered users.
Download Medical Mnemonics Medical Software

Freeware: minimum requirement • any Palm OS
MedMath is a medical calculator for rapid calculation of common formulas in adult internal medicine. Features more than 20 formulas sorted by category, with selectable units and onscreen numeric keypad. Runs on all Palm platforms without external libraries.
Download MedMath Software Application for Nurses

Nursing Diagnosis
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v 3.1• iSilo
Nursing Diagnosis is a quick reference guide to search the nursing diagnosis, it is compiled according to the NANDA list
Download Nursing Diagnosis Software

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v 3.0
ECG/EKG field guide. It features 25 arrhythmias with explanations of P, PRI, QRS, Rate, Rhythm, etc.
Push button explanations and zooming.
Download PalmEKG Palm Software

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v 2.0
This is a program that calculates various drugs that are most commonly used in a pediatric I.C.U. It calculates reanimation intubation and vasoactive drugs by simply entering the weight of the patient.
Download PICU Palm Software for Nurses

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v 3.0
The ultimate procedures tracking database. Developed in a large residency program for tracking the essential information for procedures in the easiest, fastest, and most convenient method. Allows 2 procedures per patient, and has customizable findings fields. You can enter the date, role (i.e. primary, observed, assisted), location, and the attending physician (unless you are the attending).
Download PocketProcedures Palm Application for Nurses

PT info database
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.0 • HanDBase
This HanDBase database allows the user to track patients, needed treatments, and medications.
Download PT info database Medical Software Application

RSI (Rapid Sequence Intubation)
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v 2.0
RSI ( Rapid Sequence Intubation) is a program that Spiros developed for Medflight of Ohio. It calculates drugs used in their rapid sequence intubation protocol (adult & pediatric), just by entering the weight.
Download RSI (Rapid Sequence Intubation) Medical Software for PDA

STAT Cardiac Clearance
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v 2.0
An application that guides clinicians through the complex algorithms established by the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines and the American College of Physicians for evaluating patients prior to noncardiac surgery. Two step-by-step, side-by-side algorithms based on the most recognized guidelines for perioperative cardiovascular evaluation: American College of Cardiology / American Heart Association (1996) and American College of Physicians (1997) NOTE: This application is currently in beta testing and is for demonstration purposes only.
Download STAT Cardiac Clearance Medical PDA Software

STAT Cardiac Risk
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v 2.0
An application that estimates coronary heart disease risk using the Framingham Heart Study Prediction Scores (1998 update). Enter in age, sex, total cholesterol, HDL, blood pressure, smoking, and diabetes status and see the absolute risk of angina pectoris or MI over the course of 10 years. It helps clinicians to communicate the total effect of multiple risk factors for heart disease.
Download STAT Cardiac Risk Software

STAT Cholesterol
Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v 2.0
An application that guides clinicians through the new ATP III cholesterol guidelines. It calculates absolute risk of MI using the point method outlined in the ATP III Executive Summary. It also includes calculation of risk for any symptomatic coronary heart disease using the 1998 Framingham method. NOTE: This application is currently in beta testing and is for demonstration purposes only.
Download STAT Cholesterol Nursing Medical Software

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