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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NLE / CGFNS / Nclex Review Materials 1

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Risk Factors:
• African- American/ Native women
• Behavior (Sexual promiscuity)
• Chronic instrumentation of cervix
• Disease –STD
• Early age of Sex
• High Parity
• Poor Hygiene
• Low economic status
• Multiple sexual partners
• Partner with Prostate CA

• Post-coital bleeding
• Painful sex
• Menstrual irregularities

Risk factors:
• Ovarian dysfunction
• Vaginal use of talcum powder
• Alcohol
• Race - White women & family history
• Infertility
• Age - Peak=5th decade of life
• Nulliparity
• Genetic predisposition

• Meticulous care to feet
• Wash feet with warm water not hot & dry
• Can use lotion but No lotion in between toes
• Wear socks to keep feet warm
• Avoid thermal baths, heating pads
• Do not soak feet
• Inspect feet daily
• Do not treat corns, blisters
• Wear loose socks and no barefoot
• Change into clean cotton socks daily
• Break in new shoes gradually
• Use emery board
• Do not smoke
• Do not wear same pair of shoes 2 days in a row
• Check shoes for cracks before using

• Transfusion Reactions, Hemolytic Reaction, Allergic Reaction
• Circulatory Overload
• Septicemia
• Iron Overload
• Hypocalcemia
• Disease Transmission
• Hyperkalemia
• Citrate Intoxication

• Soft smooth skin & hair
• Mood swings
• Diaphoresis
• Intolerance to heat
• PTU drug to block thyroid synthesis

• Bronchogenic Carcinoma
• 1st leading cause of death
• From asbestos, bacterial invasion,
• Sx: Nagging cough, hoarseness of
voice, dyspnea, diminished breath

• Tremors, akinesia, rigidity
• Weakness, “motorized propulsive gait
• Slurred speech, dysphagia, drooling
• Monotonous speech
• Mask like expression
• Teach ambulation modification: goose stepping walk (marching), ROM exercises
• Meds—Artane, Cogentin, L-Dopa, Parlodel, Sinemet, Symmetrel
• Activities should be scheduled for late morning when energy level is highest
• Encourage finger exercises.
• Promote family understanding of disease intellect/sight/ hearing not impaired,

• Abdominal Pain severe –acute sx
• Complication : Shock,Hypovolemia
• Limited fat & protein intake

Don’t rest on hard surface
Don’t cover until dry 48+ hours
Handle with palms of hands not with fingers
Keep above level of heart
Check for CSM

• Anterior fontanel bulges & nonpulsating
• Bones of head separated (cracked pot sound)
• Check for sun-setting eyes
• D’ Increase ICP
• Evidence of Frontal Bossing
• Failure to thrive
• Irritability
• High-pitched cry

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