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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nursing Resource Slides: Skin Hair & Nails

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Nursing Resource Slides: Skin Hair & Nails Slide Transcript
Slide 1: Skin, Hair and Nails

Slide 2: Skin  2 Layers of Skin  Outer Epidermis  Inner supportive Dermis  3rd Layer of Subcutaneous Adipose

Slide 3: Epidermis  Protective  Stratified into several zones  Basal cell layer = forms new skin cells  Keratin = major ingrediant  Melanin = # but amt of production varies  Uniformly thin except on palms and soles  Avascular

Slide 10: Vesicle, Bulla

Slide 13: Skin Color  Melanin  Carotene pigment  Vascular beds in the dermis  Affected by skin thickness & edema

Slide 14: Dermis  Supportive layer  Collagen  Elastic quality for stretching  Nerves, sensory receptors, bld. vessels, lymphs  Epidermis appendages = hair follicles, sebacceous glands, sweat glands embedded in the dermis

Slide 15: Hair  Important because?  Threads of keratin  2 types  Vellus hair- over body  Terminal hair

Slide 16: Glands  Sebaceous Glands  Sebum = protective lipid substance  Lubricates hair& skin  prevents water loss  everywhere but palms & soles  Sweat Glands  Eccrine = skin surface- sweat  Apocrine = thick, milky secretion – axilla, anogenital, nipples, navel.

Slide 17: Nails  Keratin  Color  Condition  Shape, Profile sign

Slide 18: Function of Skin  Protection  Prevents penetration  Perception  Temperature regulation  Identification  Communication  Wound repair

Slide 19: Function of Skin  Absorption & excretion  Vitamin D – ultraviolet light > cholesterol

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