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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Abdomen & Breasts Nursing Lecture

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Abdomen & Breasts Nursing Lecture Slide Transcript
Slide 1: Abdomen

Slide 2: Structure and Function  Borders of Abdominal Cavity  Lg. Oval cavity from diaphragm to pelvis  Posteriorly- vertebral column & paravertebral muscles  Laterally & anteriorly – lower rib cage and abdominal muscles

Slide 3:  Abdominal Muscles  4 layers 1. External oblique 2. Internal oblique 3. Transverse abdominis 4. Rectus abdominus  Linea alba  Rectus abdominus

Slide 5:  Internal Anatomy  Viscera  Liver  Gallbladder  Spleen  Aorta  Pancreas  Kidneys

Slide 8:  Abdominal wall = 4 quadrants  RUQ  LUQ  RLQ  LLQ  Epigastric  Umbilical  Suprapubic

Slide 11: Subjective Data  Appetite  Dysphagia  Food intolerance  Abdominal pain  N&V  Bowel habits  Past abd. History  Medications  Nutritional assessment

Slide 12: Objective Data  Order of Exam  Inspection  Auscultation  Percussion  Palpation

Slide 22: Spleen

Slide 23: Spleen

Slide 24: Rt. Kidney

Slide 25: Lt. Kidney

Slide 26: Refered abd. Pain

Slide 27: obesity Air/ Gas Ovarion cyst Ascites

Slide 28: Breasts/ Axilla

Slide 29: External Anatomy  B/t 2nd 6th rib  Sternum to MAL  Tail of Spence  Nipple  Areola  Montgomery’s glands

Slide 30: Internal Anatomy  Glandular tissue  15- 20 lobes  Alveoli producing milk  Ducts  Lactiferous  Collecting  Ampullae  Reservoir for storing milk

Slide 31: Internal Anatomy cont.  Cooper’s ligaments  Adipose tissue  Breast  4 quadrants  Tail of Spence  Most breast tumors – upper outer quadrant

Slide 35: Lymphatics  Axillary nodes  Central axillary  Pectoral  Subscapular  Lateral  Lymph- central axillary node- up to infraclavicular and supraclavicular nodes

Slide 36: Lymphatics cont.  Small amt. Of lymph  Directly to infraclavicular group  Or deep into chest  Or abdomen  Or directly across to the opposite breast

Slide 38: Subjective Data - Breast  Pain  Lumps  Discharge  Rash  Swelling  Trauma  History  Self- care behaviors

Slide 39: Subjective Data- Axilla  Tenderness  Swelling  Lumps  Rash

Slide 40: Objective Data  Examination  Privacy  Comfort  Anxiety

Slide 41: Retraction

Slide 42: Retraction

Slide 43: Inspect & Palpate Axillae

Slide 44: Palpate Breasts

Slide 45: Wheel Pattern

Slide 46: Concentric Circles

Slide 47: Palpate Nipple

Slide 48: Fibocystic Cancer Fibroadenoma

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