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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Psychiatric Nursing OUTLINED

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Sigmund Freud – Father of Psychoanalysis
-structure of personality

Id- impulsive part, pleasure principle
-eat, urinate, have sex
-it’s all “I”

Superego – small voice of God
-should not eat yet, should not eat yet

Ego- arbiter, decision maker
-in touch with reality


ID DOMINANT – needs a superego-needs a conscience
M- manic
A- antisocial – serial killer
N- narcissistic

O- Obsessive Compulsive
A- Anorexia nervosa

EGO – impaired reality perception (RN will present reality)
S- schizophrenia- cant distinguish fact from reality

Libido- sexual energy


ORAL – 0-18 months
Cry, suck – mouth- survival
Id dominant
Maternal deprivation if not feed, not given milk/water, not kept warm.

Narcissistic – seeks the Id – I love myself
Regression – return to an earlier stage or earlier level
Fixation – stopped in a stage

ANAL- 18 mos-3yrs
Toilet training
Mom is superego.
Superego is being formed
Child is caught in ambivalence – pulled in 2 opposing factors

Too much toilet training with punishment will result to a child who is:
Obedient, organized, clean -------------------------Rebel, dirty, disobedient
=OC-------------------------------------------- =Anti-social
=anal retentive -------------------------------- =anal expulsive

PHALLIC – 3-6 yrs old
-penis & vagina
-love of parent of opposite sex
Oedipal-boy loves mom
Electra-girl loves dad

Identification- boy imitates dad
Castration fears- fear that dad is angry at him and will cut off penis
Penis envy- girls envy little boys

Dr. Karen Horney- detractor of Freud, didn’t believe in penis envy. Freud said that it is maybe in her unconscious
mind. Or repressed.

Conscious- highest level of awareness
Pre-conscious- at tip of tongue
Unconscious – forgotten

Repression-kept in unconscious. Unconscious forgotten.
Suppression – conscious forgetting

LATENT- 6-12 years old Latent- Logtu = sexual energy asleep
School age – School phobia- 1st time to go to school – Separation anxiety
Child is busy with Reading, writing, arithmetic.
Sublimation –putting anger into something more productive
putting all energies into schooling
Ex. Angry at life, pour anger in singing.

GENITAL –12 years old Genital-Gising sexual energy
Sexual intercourse most important in this stage!!

Anti-anxiety Drugs (used also for alcohol withdrawal)
Valium, Librium, Ativan, Serax, Tranxene
Miltown, Equanil, Vistaril, Atarax, Inderal, Buspar

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Anonymous said...

hello poh..e ask ko lng kung pwede na ba mag.aply ng PRC para xa nov exam as erly poh kasi habang may tym pa poh xa pag aply ?

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