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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nursing Board Exam Practice Test 7

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Situation: A sound scientific basis is essential for quality professional practice.

1. When you assist an individual to do what be cannot normally do in illness, you are using which nursing theory?

a. Henderson
b. Roy
c. Orem
d. Abdellah

2. Like other professions, what is unique in professional nursing?

a. Its compassionate and caring role
b. Its caring role
c. A well-defined body of knowledge and expertise
d. Its environment in nursing research

3. According to Freud, the ego serves this function:

a. Resorvoir of instincts, basics drives and wishes
b. Reality testing
c. Moral arm of the personality
d. Resorvoir of psychic energy

4. Horence Nightingale conceptualizes that nursing is.

a. the act of utilizing the environment of the patient to assist him in his recovery
b. assisting the individual sick or well in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery or to peaceful death
c. a humanistic science dedicated to compassionate concern with rehabilitating the sick or disabled.
d. a unique profession, in that it is concerned with all the variables affecting an individual’s response to stressors.

5. Which of the following nursing theorists conceptualizes that all persons strive to achieve self-care.

a. Sister Callista Roy
b. Dorothea Orem
c. Dorothy Johnson
d. Jean Watson

6. Which of the following nursing theorists introduced Transcultural Nursing Model?

a. Imogene King
b. Myra Levine
c. Ida Jean Orlando
d. Madeleine Leininger

7. Which of the following moral theories is based on respect for other humans and belief that relationships are based on mutual trust?

a. Erikson’s theory
b. Kohlberg's theory
c. Freud’s theory
d. Schulman and Mekler’s theory

Stuation: The primary function of the Department of Health is the promotion, protection, preservation or restoration of the health of the people though the provision and delivery of health services.

8. What is the vision of the Department of Health

a. Responsible for the formulation, planning, implemented, and coordination of policies and programs in the field of health
b. Regulates health goods and services
c. Health as Right. Health for all Filipinos by the year 2000 and Health in the hands of the People by the year 2020
d. All of the above

9. DOH should work to make enjoyment of the right to health a reality. What is the mission of DOH?

a. by promoting the means to better health
b. by planning the programs in the field of health
c. by encouraging providers of health goods and services
d none of the above

10. What is the normal temperature of a child who is 1-3 year of age?

a. 39.1 C
b. 35 C
c. 37 C
d. 38 C

11. To convert the body temperature of 38 C to F, what’s the answer?

a. 107.9 F
b. 106.2 F
c. 95 F
d. 100.4 F

12. The Rural Health Doctor orders Dextran 12% 1000 ml within 8 hours for a client. Drop factor is 12 gtt/ml. Solve for the gtt/min.

a. 24-5 gtts/min
b. 25 gtts/min
c. 25.5 gtts/min
d. 26 gtts/min

13. Baby Boy Noel was admitted and the doctor ordered D5NSS 1L x KVO. The nurse should calibrate the IVF to:

a. 5 gtts/min
b. 10 gtts/min
c. 15 gtts/min
d. 20 gtts/min

14. Baby Girl Lee, the neighbor of Baby Boy Noel was brought also to the clinic by her mother for the immunization. What immunization will be given if Baby Girl Lee is 9 months old?

a. BCG
b. Measles
c. DPT
d. Polio 2

15. ORESOL has been introduced to the barangay for dehydration. To prepare for the solution, what will be the desired amount?

a. 2 glasses of water + ½ tbsp. of salt
b. ½ glass of water+1 tbsp. of salt + 3 tbsp. of sugar
c. 2 ½ glasses of :water + 2 tbsp. of salt + ½ tbsp. of sugar
d. 1 glass of water + 1 pinch of salt + 1 tbsp. of sugar

16. What is your initial nursing action before you suction the patient?

a. perform suctioning
b. document relevant data
c. hyperventilate the patient
d. dispose the equipment and ensure availability for the next suction

Situation: Lady Lee, age 5 is brought to the pediatric clinic by her mother, who reports that Lady Lee has a sore throat and fever and will not eat or drink. The physician diagnosis epiglottitis.

17. Which symptoms are associated with epiglottitis?

a. Dyspnea. restlessness, hoarseness and moaning
b. Leaning forward, anxiety, drooling, and a muffled voice
c. Crouching, leaning with hands stretched out in back, and extended neck
d. Ruddy complexion, distended neck veins, and knee-chest position

18. The nurse's first action when caring for Lady Lee should be to:

a. Obtain a tracheostomy set and notify the physician
b. Begin respiratory precautions immediately
c. Obtain I. V. and oxygen equipment
d. Obtain a cardiac monitor and an emergency equipment cart

19. Tracheostomy is an opening through the neck into the trachea through which an indwelling tube maybe inserted which of the following is not a part of tracheostomy set?

a. cannula
b. respirator
c. obturator
d. cuff

20. Hand washing is important in every setting including hospitals. Which of the following is inappropriate during hand washing when observing a sterile technique.

a. Hold the hands higher than the elbows during hand wash
b. Maintaining the hands uppermost when applying soap
c. After washing and rinsing, use a towel to dry one hand thoroughly in a rotating motion from the elbow to the fingers
d. Let the running water run from the fingertips to the elbows

Situation: A place in Brgy. Canla has a common cause of Iodine deficiency where their main products are "Goitrogenics."

21. Which of the following are considered goitrogenics?

a. mandarins
b. kangkong
c. tomato
d. cassava

22. Which of the following are rich source of Iodine?

a. talaba
b. liver
c. lean meat
d. gizzard

Situation: Larry was admitted at Manila Doctor's Hospital because of a second-degree burn wound.

23. Before debriding a second-degree burn wound in the left lower leg, the nurse should do which of the following?

a. Apply Lindane (Kwell) to the affected area
b. Medicate the client with narcotic analgesic
c. Administer acylovir (Zovirax) IV
d. Apply a topical antimicrobial ointment

24. Larry’s anterior trunk, both front upper extremities, both lower extremities sustained second and third degree burn. Estimate the total percentage of body surface area burned using the Rule of Nines.

a. 60%
b. 63%
c. 62%
d. 61%

25. According to Orem's Mode!, which nursing intervention would you render to a one hour post-operative patient?

a. Universal
b. Supportive-educative
c. Wholly compensatory
d. Partially compensatory

26. What area of CHN bag is considered sterile?

a. outside
b. sheath
c. inside
d. sides

Situation: These are nutritional needs of the mother during her pregnancy.

27. Nancy who just delivered a baby boy works as an executive for a big company. Which of these should the nurse first encourage?

a. Mixed feeding
b. Bottle feeding
c. Leave the baby in the nursery
d. Breastfeeding

Situation: Mr. Reyes, 59 years old is a frequent visitor of Lions Club. Lately, he became inefficient with his work and complaining of dizziness.

28. You stressed to him and to the finally the importance of the following food that will help in the production of RBC, EXCEPT:

a. kangkong
b. egg yolk
c. broccoli
d. ampalaya

29.500 ml of blood was ordered for his blood transfusion. Your nursing responsibility before the start of blood transfusion is:

a. check the amount of blood available
b. check the label of the bottle with blood
c. check if Benadryl is ordered for injection
d. check the vital signs

30. Your health teaching to his family is to serve food rich In Iron and this is:

a. egg yolk
b. ampalaya
c. liver
d. lean meat

Situation: The following questions pertain to the nurse and responsibilities.

31. Concerned with the care of school-children, the nurse does the following.

a. provides for a safe environment
b. detects, diagnose, and treats children with health problems
c. identifies and refers children with eye problems
d. conducts health education classes

32. An important reason why erasures In the patient's chart should be avoided is:

a. chart would look dirty and reflects, the nurse personality
b. recording maybe illegible
c. chart is a legal document
d. chartings are essential for endorsement and follow-up care of patient

Situation: This pertains to human anatomy and physiology.

33. The principal factor-causing vaginal pH to be acidic:

a. Action of Doderlein's bacillus
b. Cervical mucus changes
c. Secretions from Skene's glands
d. Secretions from the Bartholin’s glands

Situation: In one of your conference with the midwives, you answered the question pertaining to computation and presentation of statistical data at the Rural' Health Unit. Some of the questions are the following among others.

34. The following measures is used as a numerator to capture for the infant mortality rate:

a. Total number of deaths from maternal causes in same year
b. Total number of registered live births of a given year
c. Total number of deaths less than 1 year of age registered in same calendar year
d. Total number of deaths registered in same calendar year

35. In order to present the frequency of occurrence of new cases of PNA In the municipality you have to compute for the:

a. prevalence rate
b. case fatality rate
c. proportionate mortality rate
d. incidence rate

Situation: Nursing as a profession benefits from the use of nursing diagnosis process in professional clinical practice.

36. The most important values of the use of nursing diagnosis in care planning is:

a. highlights your critical thinking and decision-making
b. focuses in cause of the illness
c. helps to define what is health
d. identifies what the nurse can prescribe

Situation: The following questions pertain to nursing care of child with cardiovascular, disorders.

37. Amy, 6 years old, Is admitted with an impression of rheumatic fever. To help establish the diagnosis of rheumatic fever, which of these questions should the nurse ask?

a. Did Amy travel abroad recently?
b. Did Amy remark of fatigability?
c. Did Amy have sore throat recently?
d. Did Amy have viral infections?

38. Nurse Jo reviews the laboratory data of Amy. Of these data, one would be supportive of a diagnosis of rheumatic fever?

a. low hematocrit
b. increased leukocyte count
c. high erythrocyte sedimentation rate
d. elevated antibody level

39. Bob who is diagnosed with rheumatic fever is prescribed with Aspirin. The purpose of this medication is to:

a. reduce inflammation
b. relieve anxiety
c. control headache
d. decrease fever

Situation: Professional nursing practice primarily aims to promote health and prevent illness.

40. The meet basic goal of health promotion is:

a. healthy
b. absence of disease
c. no illness
d. wellness

41. You are a factory nurse in a bottling industry. What priority health promotion program can you undertake?

a. Physical fitness program
b. Accident prevention program
c. Formulating work strategy
d. Relaxation exercises

Situation: Your 13 year old daughter tells you that she is having her menarche and that she fees awful. To comfort her, you would explain the menstrual cycle.

42. You start by defining menstruation is:

a. Expelling of the unfertilized egg which causes the bleeding
b. Soughing off the perimetrium
c. Sign of an aborted pregnancy
d. Monthly sloughing off of the uterine tiring that had been prepared to nurture a fertilized egg.

43. Ovulation usually occurs on the:

a. 28th day of a 28 day menstrual cycle
b. 1st week of a 28 day menstrual cycle
c. last week of a 28 day menstrual cycle
d. 14th ay of a 28 day menstrual cycle

44. The secretory phase is characterized by the secretion or storage nutrients, glycogen and mucin. This is due to the action of:

a. prolactin
b. estrogen
c. androgen
d. progesterone

45. To allay the fears of your daughter regarding losing too much blood during menses, you would tell her that the average blood lost per cycle is:

a. 80ml
b. lOOml
c. 120 ml
d. 30 ml

Situation: Mrs. Mia Sandoval, a newly-married couple, plan to start a family planning clinic to choose the most appropriate contraceptive method for them:

46. Mrs. Sandoval is Interested in IUD. The nurse tells her that its insertion is usually done at this period of the menstrual cycle:

a. 7th to 10th days
b. 18th to 20th days
c. 12th to 16th days
d. 1st 104th days

47. Upon further discussion, the nurse talks about the diaphragm which after intercourse must be kept in place for:

a. 6-8 hours
b. 12-24 hours
c. 11-20 hours
d. 9-10 hours

48. Mrs. Sandoval talks about friend's infertility problem that was prescribed with Clomid by her physician. The nurse informs her that a side effect of this medication may be:

a. multiple gestation
b. headache
c. transitory depression
d. hypertension

Situation: The following pertains to some concepts and principles of community health nursing (CHN) that a nurse must apply in carrying out CHN services.

49. Community health Nursing is a service that is provided in an environment that is constantly changing. This implied that the community health nurse to be able to provide relevant services.

a. must involve other disciplines In carrying out health care services in various settings
b. must provide a service that is community-based
c. must provide a service that is integrated and comprehensive
d. must update her knowledge on the current and evolving characteristics of health care system

50. Promotion of health is a major responsibility of the CHN, This refers to;

a. Activities that seek to protect clients from potential or actual health threats and their harmful consequences
b. Activities directed toward developing the resources of clients that maintain or enhance well-being
c. Activities directed toward decreasing the probability of specific illness or dysfunctions in individuals
d. Activities aimed to prevent to spread of microorganisms to Individual

Situation: The public health nurse performs varied functions and activities in her place of work.

51. In dealing with a primigravida who is afraid of childbirth due to her beliefs and misconceptions. The first thing that the nurses should do is:

a. help woman recognize the sign of abnormalities in pregnancy to enable her to report to the midwife
b. identify the beliefs and misconceptions and their source
c. immediately correct the beliefs and misconceptions
d. refer to midwife for regular follow-up visit

52. Kwashiorkor is a condition usually seen among pre- school children. This is characterized by which of the following signs?

a. all these signs
b. retarded growth and hairs
c. loss of appetite
d. edema

53. Vitamin A deficiency will lead to which of the following conditions?

a. high blood pressure
b. swollen face, body and limb
c. inability to see in the dark
d. enlargement of the neck

54. Grace was referred to you by a midwife. In order to determine whether Grace is suffering from severe calorie deficiency, which of the following condition will you take note of?

a. thin, sparse hair
b. an extreme wasting away of fat muscle
c. paleness of the inner side of the lips
d. generalized swelling of the body

Situation: You are the new Public Health Nurse in the Municipality of Pontevedra. This municipality has the following data in 2003:
Population - 30,000
Total infants death - 11
Total number of cases examined for PTB - 200
Total births - 500
All causes -74
Number of confirmed positive of PTB cases - 5

55. You need to gather a lot of data about the community. Which of these can be given least priority?

a. community's belief and practice
b. community s political leadership
c. community's knowledge in health
d. community's way of life

56. You studied the figures of disease and accidents that occurred in Pontevedra for the last 2 years. These figures are referred to as:

a. mortality statistics
b. mortality and morbidity statistics
c. rates and ratios
d. morbidity statistics

57. Which of the following gives a good reflection of the state of health of Pontevedra?

a. maternal morbidity rate
b. age-specific death rate
c. infant mortality rate
d. crude death rate

Situation: In one of your home visits you discovered that Tristan, 2 years old who lives with Mang Tero his lolo is still on bottle feeding. No supplementary feeding given:

58. Supplementary feeding should be started:

a. at the age of 8 -12 months
b. at the age of 8 months
c. not earlier than 2 months but not later than 4 months
d. not earlier than 4 ninths but and later than 6 moths

59. You're Interested to know whether Tristan has signs of malnutrition. Hence, you will:

a. weigh the child and perform physical assessment
b. weigh the child
c. perform a physical assessment
d. refer to physician or nearest health facility

Situation: Atypical teenager, Susan, 17 years old, is in her 3rdyear high school. Besides sports and other school activities, she volunteers for community outreach programs in her school, among them going to the slums of Tondo.

60. Susan wears contact lenses. But she claims that these are so comfortable she forgets to removes them at night. As the school nurse, you caution that she should not sleep with her soft contact lens because they can damage one of these:

a. sciera
b. optic nerve
c. cornea
d. pupil

61. In one of her information- sharing, Susan mentions that her mother was taking diethyistijbestrd (DES) when she was pregnant withjier. The nurse feels that she must suggest 'to Susan one ofthese. \Wch os correct?

a. "I wiH take your Pap smear for laboratory exams."
b. "Do nd use the pi!! for contraception."
c. "Please see a gynecologist as soon as possible."
d. "Avoid us! ng lampoons during menstruation."

Situation: Miss Go is a clinical instructor in Community Health Nursing discussing about vital statistics, epidemiology and laws affecting Public Health and practice of Community Health Nursing.

62. It is concerned with the study of factors that influence the occurrence and distribution of diseases, defects disability or deaths. This is:

a. Epidemiology
b. Statistics
c. Public Health
d. Community Health Nursing

63. The Republic Act that refers to the Magna Carta of Public Health Workers:

a. R.A 2382
b. R.A 1062
c. R.A 7305
d. R.A 6425

64. Republic Act 7164 known as the "Philippine Nursing Act of 1991" embodies the regulation of Practice of Nursing in the Philippines. A member of the Board of Nursing must be:

a. Citizen of the Philippines
b. RN and holder of Master's Degree
c. 10 years of continuous practice of the profession
d. All of the above

Situation: Mr. Laurel, a public nurse is conducting community class in Brgy. Kawayan about pulmonary tuberculosis.

65. Category 3 treatment regimen for TB is prescribed to:

a. New pulmonary TB patients whose sputum is positive
b. Previously treated patients who are on relapse
c. New pulmonary TB patients whose sputum is serum-negative for 3x and a chest x-ray of PTB minimal
d. Previously treated patients who are failures

66. What TB drug is net given to children under age 6 who are too young to report visual disturbances?

a. INH
b. Rifampicin
c. Ethambutol
d. PZA

67. Category treatment regimen for TB Is prescribed. This is given:

a. 2 months Intensive phase, 4 months maintenance phase
b. 3 months intensive phase, 5 months maintenance phase
c. 2 months intense phase, 2 months maintenance phase
d. 3 months Intensive phase,6 months maintenance phase

Situation: Cancer ranks third in leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the Philippines. Early detection Increases the survival rate of those afflicted. You are a nurse in a cancer-prevention and screening clinic and are for health education.

68. The following are warning signs of cancer. Which one is not?

a. Change In bladder and bowel habits
b. Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing
c. Weight gain
d. Nagging cough or hoarseness

69. Monthly examination (BSE) can help in early detection of breast CA. When do you perform BSE?

a. once a month after menstruation
b. once a month before menstruation
c. every ether month after menstruation
d. every other month before menstruation

70. There are several risk factors with developing cancer. The following are risk factors of cancer, except:

a. age
b. race
c. ordinal petition In the family
d. lifestyle

71. A form of cancer therapy wherein a beam of high-energy electromagnetic radiation desires the cancer ceils?

a. surgery
b. radiation therapy
c. chemotherapy
d. pallitive treatment

Situation: Mental health covers the psychosocial concerns of daily living covering the stages of life. Efforts to train manpower have been done by the government through the National Mental Health Programs.

72. Mental health is defined as:

a. A disturbance in a person's thoughts, feelings and behavior.
b. A state of well-being where a person can realize his or her own abilities, to cope with the normal stresses of life and work productively.
c. A science which deals with measures employed to promote mental health, to reduce the incidence of mental illness through preservation and early treatment.
d. is concerned with the promotion of mental health, prevention of mental disorders, and the nursing care of patients during mental illness and rehabilitation.

73. The following are nursing responsibilities in mental health promotion except:

a. Participate in the promotion of mental health among families and the community
b. Help people in the community understand basic emotional needs
c. Teach parents the Importance of providing emotional support to their children
d. Be aware of the potential causes of breakdown and when necessary take possible preventive action

74. A nurse works in a mental health facility that a therapeutic community (milieu) to client. Which of the following statements describes the nurse's role in this facility?

a. Primary caregiver
b. Member of the milieu
c. Supervision more than counseling
d. Distinctly seperate from the psychiatrist

75. A community mental health nurse visits a client diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. When she arrives at his house, he calls for Satan, shouts at her, and tells her to back away. Which of the following interventions has priority?

a. use his phone and call the police
b. remain safe by leaving the house
c. talk to him In a calm voice to reduce his agitation
d. remind him who she is and that she has nothing to fear

Situation: Mrs. Madonna, 46 years old, is brought to the hospital with complaints of nausea, vomiting, and severe epigastric pain. Initial care includes insertion of nasogastric tube (NGT).

76. Which of the following steps should the nurse take first when preparing to insert a nasogastric tube?

a. Wash hands
b. Apply sterile gloves
c. Apply a mask and gown
d. Open ail necessary kits and tubing

77. The nurse on duty is inserting a nasogastric tube. Mr. Javier begins to gag. Which actions should the nurse take?

a. Remove the inserted tube and notify the physician
b. Stop the insertion, allow the client to rest, then continue inserting the tube
c. Encourage the client to take deep breaths through the mouth while the tube is being inserted
d. Pause until the gagging stops, tell the client to take a few sips of water and swallow as the tube is inserted.

78. Which of the following steps, if taken by the nurse after insertion of nasogastric tube could harm Mr. Javier.

a. Affix the nasogastric tube to the nose with tape
b. Check tube placement by aspirating stomach contents using a piston syringe
c. Check tube placement by instilling 100ml of water into the tube to check for stomach filling
d. Document in the chart the insertion, method used to check tube placement, and client's response to the procedure

79. Which of the following drug forms can be administered through a nasogastric tube?

a. Enteric
b. Oral
c. Parenteral
d. Sublingual

Situation: As a nurse, you are aware that proper documentation in the patient's chart is a legal responsibility.

80. A nurse gives the wrong medication to a client another nurse employed by the hospital as a risk manager will expect to receive which of the following communications?

a. Incident report
b. Oral report from the nurse
c. Copy of the medication Kardex
d. Order changed signed by the physician

81. Performing a procedure on a client in the absence of Informed consent can lead to which of the following changes?

a. Fraud
b. Harassment
c. Assault and battery
d. Beach of confidentiality

82. Which of the following characteristics of the client goal in the plan of care is correct?

a. Nurse-focused, flexible, measurable and realistic
b. Client-focused, flexible, realistic and measurable
c. Nurse-focused, time-limited, realistic, and measurable
d. Client-focused, time-limited, realistic, and measurable

83. A nurse is performing an admission assessment on a client with exacerbation of asthma. Which of the following time is ideal to begin discharge planning?

a. At the time of admission
b. The day before discharge
c. After the acute episode is resolved
d. When the discharge order is written

84. A nurse is witnessing consent from a client before a cardiac catheterization. Which of the following factors is a component of informed consent ?

a. Freedom from coercion
b. Durable power of attorney
c. Private insurance coverage
d. Disclosure of previous answers given by the client

85. Implementation of plan of action is done through:

a. independent and independent measure
b. dependent and independent measure
c. dependent and Interdependent measure
d. none of the above

86. Which of the following has the greatest effect on personal hygiene?

a. Culture, knowledge, and social influences
b. Occupation, physical environment and genetics
c. Self awareness, time of day, and personnel available for assistance
d. Socio-economic status, health and age

87. The most important nursing intervention to correct dryness is:

a. Avoid bathing patient until the condition is remedied, and notify the physician
b. Ask the physician to refer the patient to a dermatologist and suggest that the patient wear home-laundered sleepwear.
c. Consult the dietician about increasing the patient's fat intake, and necessary measures to prevent infection.
d. Encourage the patient to increase hid fluid intake, use non-irritating soap when bathing the patient, and apply lotion to the involved areas.

Situation: The following questions are concerned with nutrition.

88. Which one is not a function of calcium

a. Bone and teeth mineralization
b. Absorption of iron and the formation of hgb
c. Blood clothing
d. Muscle relaxation and contraction

89. Xerophthalmia is characterized by:

a. Tunnel vision
b. Floaters
c. Night blindness
d. Window vision

90. A deficiency in protein leads to:

a. Kwashiorkor
b. Ricketts
c. Beri-beri
d. Hemorrhage

91. Nutrients are classified according to their structures. Which among these is not a micronutrient?

a. Vitamin A
b. Iron
c. Iodine
d. Amino acids

92. What mineral works with Vitamin E to protect body compounds from oxidation?

a. Sodium
b. Selenium
c. Zinc
d. Manganese

Situation: Osteoporosis is considered a major health and economic problem. One in every four women over age 50 is believed to have this disease.

93. What is the main reason why Asian women are more in developing osteoporosis than African-American women?

a. There are more post menopausal aged Asian women
b. Banes of Asian women are 30-40% less dense than that of African-American women
c. African-American women eat more compared to Asian women
d. Asian women have lesser bone mass compared to African-American women

94. There are factors that predispose an individual for osteoporosis. What factor is least associated with the disease?

a. Decreased level of oxygen
b. Calcium deficiency
c. Exposure to sunlight
d. Lack of exercise

95. Women over 50 years are very much at risk for fractures. Where Is the most common site of fractures to osteoporosis?

a. femur
b. forearm
c. vertebrae
d. hips

Situation: Mrs. M. has been given a copy of her diet. He consulted you about her prescribed diet.

96. Which of the following diseases results from niacin deficiency?

a. diabetes
b. beriberi
c. pellagra
d. megaloblastjc anemia

97. He also asked about Vitamin E. The richest source of Vitamin E is:

a. vegetable oil
b. milk
c. fish
d. cereals

98. The most common vitamin deficiency seen in alcoholics is:

a. Thiamne
b. Riboflavin
c. Pyridoxine
d. Pantothenic acid

Situation: Mr. S., a patient in MS ward, wants to increase his Vitamin C intake. He also asks you several questions about nutrition.

99. Which of the following foods is not well-known source of Vitamin C?

a. tomatoes
b. grapefruits
c. green and yellow vegetables
d. oranges

100. Vitamin C deficiency is characterized by the following except:

a. redness and edema of the gums
b. pinpoint peripheral hemorrhages
c. pernicious anemia
d. bones that fracture easily


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Anonymous said...

I think the answer in number 14 is MEASLES.

In number 16. you should hyperventilate first the client before you suction him/her.

Anonymous said...

number 11 letter D is d right answer,number 13 db pag KVO 10gtts/min so mali ang answer jan...plz bgo nyo i post cguraduhin nyo n tama ang sagot kc malilito mga ngrereview s website nyo.tnx

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