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Friday, September 28, 2007

Nclex Preparation: Easy Study For Nurses

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what is a possible complication when administrating Lasix? Tachycardia

Oxygen applied by mask with be at how many liters? 10 liters.

red man syndrome means the IV is infusing rapidly

naegals rule expected date of delivery subtract 3 months and add 7 days of your last menstrual period

if scheduled for CAT scan, check for iodine sensitivity

if scheduled for MRI, check for metallic implants

peas and beans contain protein

if administering enema to a patient and the patient complains, dont stop the administration. just lower the height of the container to slow down the infusion.

when walking up the stairs with crutches, use the "good leg" first

to check a dark skinned patient with anemia, you best check the hard palate

how many inches should the foley catheter be inserted in a male patient? 7-9 inches

when collecting stool from a patient, collect the center of the stool

there is a fire and you are taking care of a ventilator-dependent patient, you first remove the patient and ambu

heroin intoxication and signs of opiate use constricted pupils

Dilantin given IVP do not administer more than 50mg/minute

which electrolyte must be maintained in a steady state for a patient receiving lithium? sodium. low sodium equals high reabsorption of lithium

normal protrhombin time 12-20 seconds

petal the cast means cover the edges with cast batting

miller -abbot tube used for a patient with partial bowel obstruction. advance the tube 3-4 inches as ordered by doc

a patient with pancreatitis taking pancreatin. his stool will contain less fat and occur with less frequency

how do you prevent a spinal headache from happening after you take spinal anesthesia? increase fluid intake and lay the patient flat on the bed.

bucks traction in a patient is to decrease muscle spasms

best position for a patient with preeclampsia in labor left sims position

dont give a patient with pancreatitis morphine because opiates stimulate the sphincter of oddi.

diaphragm use for women do not leave it in for more than 8 hours and change the size if you have gained or lost 10 pounds.

Following a CT scan with contrast medium, you should force fluids so that the dye is excreted through the kidneys and out as waste.

you refrigerate urine because urea breaks down into ammonia, causing urine to become more alkaline and promoting cellular breakdown

patient with enuresis needs bladder training. the ability to remain continent depends on the sympathetic nervous system

which sign is associated with right sided tension pneumothorax? left-sided tracheal deviation

a lab finding that would confirm sensory disturbance would be increased urine catecholamines

a patient with menieres syndrome needs to limit their dietary intake of salt. salt increases edema which triggers menieres syndrome.

myxedema needs to be in what diet? low sodium diet. because cortisol causes sodium retention.

sarcoma is a bone tumor. adramycin decreases neutrophils making them prone to infection

infants dont crawl until 9-10 months

what lab value will you expect to see in a patient with addisons disease? BUN 22

antidepressants take effect several days to several weeks. or 3-6 months

aldactone is what type of diuretic? potassium saving

what is tetralogy of fallot unknown congenital heart defect.

atropine decreases saliva secretions, use for preop.. do not give if patient has glaucoma

dyspepsia luncheon meats can trigger this

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