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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Medical Mnemonics Part 1

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Bowel components - "Dow Jones Industrial Average Closing Stock Report":

From proximal to distal:


Alternatively: to include the cecum, "Dow Jones Industrial Climbing Average Closing Stock Report".

Knowledge Level 1, System: Alimentary
Anonymous Contributor

Diaphragm apertures: spinal levels

Aortic hiatus = 12 letters = T12
Oesophagus = 10 letters = T10
Vena cava = 8 letters = T8

Knowledge Level 1, System: Alimentary
Oriade Adeoye Dept. of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, OAU, Ile-Ife

Duodenum: lengths of parts

"Counting 1 to 4 but staggered":
1st part: 2 inches
2nd part: 3 inches
3rd part: 4 inches
4th part: 1 inch

Knowledge Level 5, System: Alimentary
Anonymous Contributor

Liver inferior markings showing right/left lobe vs. vascular divisions

There's a Hepatic "H" on inferior of liver. One vertical stick of the H is the dividing line for anatomical right/left lobe and the other vertical stick is the divider for vascular halves. Stick that divides the liver into vascular halves is the one with vena cava impression (since vena cava carries blood, it's fortunate that it's the divider for blood halves).

Knowledge Level 5, System: Alimentary
Robert O'Connor University College Dublin

Meckel's diverticulum details

2 inches long.
2 feet from end of ileum.
2 times more common in men.
2% occurrence in population.
2 types of tissues may be present.

Note: "di-" means "two", so diverticulum is the thing with all the twos.

Knowledge Level 2, System: Alimentary
Robert O'Connor University College Dublin

Aorta vs. vena cava: right vs. left

Aorta and right each have 5 letters, so aorta is on the right.
Vena and cava and left each have 4 letters, so vena cava is on the left.

Knowledge Level 1, System: Cardiovascular
Robert O'Connor University College Dublin

Aortic arch: major branch order - "Know your ABC'S":

Aortic arch gives rise to:
Brachiocephalic trunk
left Common Carotid
left Subclavian

Beware though trick question of 'What is first branch of aorta?' Technically, it's the coronary arteries.

Knowledge Level 1, System: Cardiovascular
Anonymous Contributor

Atrioventricular valves - "LAB RAT":

Left Atrium: Bicuspid
Right Atrium: Tricuspid

Knowledge Level 1, System: Cardiovascular
Amir A. Ghaferi Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Axillary artery branches - "Screw The Lawyer Save A Patient":

Superior thoracic
Lateral thoracic
Anterior circumflex humeral
Posterior circumflex humeral

Alternatively: "Some Times Life Seems A Pain".

Knowledge Level 2, System: Cardiovascular
Anonymous contributor and Joe Azzopardi Not specified and Xarabank

Brachial artery: recurrent and collateral branches - "I Am Pretty Sexy"

Inferior ulnar collateral artery goes with Anterior ulnar recurrent artery.
Posterior ulnar recurrent artery goes with Superior ulnar collateral artery.

Alternatively: "I Am Pretty Smart".

Knowledge Level 5, System: Cardiovascular
Paul's Boutique Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

Carotid sheath contents - "I See 10 CC's in the IV"

I See (I.C.) = Internal Carotid artery
10 = CN 10 (Vagus nerve)
CC = Common Carotid artery
IV = Internal Jugular Vein

Knowledge Level 1, System: Cardiovascular
Anonymous Contributor

Cavernous sinus contents - O TOM CAT

O TOM are lateral wall components, in order from superior to inferior.
CA are the components within the sinus, from medial to lateral. CA ends at the level of T from O TOM.

See diagram.

Occulomotor nerve (III)
Trochlear nerve (IV)
Ophthalmic nerve (V1)
Maxillary nerve (V2)
Carotid artery
Abducent nerve (VI)
T: When written, connects to the T of OTOM.

Knowledge Level 4, System: Cardiovascular
Jonathan Vafai New York University School of Medicine

Coelic trunk: branches - Left Hand Side (LHS):

Left gastric artery
Hepatic artery
Splenic artery

Knowledge Level 1, System: Cardiovascular
Dr. Harsh Sharma

Medical Mnemonics Part 2

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