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Friday, August 3, 2007

Circulatory System Nclex Study Review

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1. Prothrombin is a ____ globulin and is produced by the _____.

a. Alpha, Kidney
b. Alpha, Liver
c. Beta, Kidney
d. Beta, Liver

2. The right coronary artery divides to form the posterior interventricular artery and the ___ artery.

a. Marginal
b. LVC
c. RVC
d. LAD

3. Blood flowing into the cardiac veins enters the _______ next.

a. Coronary Sinus
b. Left Ventricle
c. Right Ventricle
d. Left Atrium

4. If you are using a stethoscope and trying to detect the tricuspid valve which of the following would be the best location?

a. Within 2 inches of the xyphoid process
b. On the right side of the sternum
c. On the left side of the sternum near the midpoint
d. On the left side of the sternum near the midpoint of the sixth rib

5. Which of the following occurs during ventricular systole?

a. Increased aortic pressure
b. Increased ventricular volume
c. Dup heart sound
d. P wave

6. Which of the following occurs during ventricular diastole?

a. Increased aortic pressure
b. Increased ventricular volume
c. Lub heart sound
d. T wave

7. The innermost layer of a blood vessel is lined with _______ ______ cells

a. Simple squamous
b. Stratified squamous
c. Simple cuboidal epithelium
d. Stratified cuboidal epithelium

8. Angiotension can directly cause the release of ____ from the adrenal cortex.

a. Renin
b. Aldosterone
c. Calcitonin
d. Thyroxine

9. Cardiac output is the product of ____ and ____.

a. HR and Disastolic pressure
b. HR and Stroke Volume
c. HR and EF
d. Diastolic and Systolic pressure

10. Pulmonary edema is most like associated with a failing _____ _____.

a. Right atrium
b. Left atrium
c. Right ventricle
d. Left ventricle

11. Which of the following is the first branch off the aortic arch?

a. Common carotid
b. Brachiocephalic
c. Right Subclavian
d. Thoracic

12. The brachiocephalic artery divides to form the right common carotid and the ____ ____ artery.

a. Left subclavian
b. Right subclavian
c. Left common carotid
d. Right thoracic artery

13. Which of the following arteries creates the left spenic, hepatic and gastric arteries?

a. Left sacral artery
b. Celiac artery
c. Suprarenal artery
d. Phrenic artery

14. Which of the following is not considered a major branch off of the descending thoracic aorta?

a. Mediastinal artery
b. Renal artery
c. Bronchial artery
d. Posterior intercostals artery

15. Which of the following is not considered a major branch off of the abdominal aorta?

a. Phrenic artery
b. Common iliac artery
c. Gonadal artery
d. Mediastinal artery

16. Which of the following is not considered a major branch off of the femoral artery?

a. Superficial pudendal arteries
b. Deep external pudendal arteries
c. Superficial circumflex iliac artery
d. Deep circumflex iliac artery

17. Which of the following is not considered a tributary of the portal vein?

a. Inferior mesenteric vein
b. Splenic vein
c. Left gastric vein
d. Subclavian vein

18. Inside the cranial cavity the vertebral arteries form the ____ artery.

a. Basilar
b. Common Carotid
c. MCA
d. PCA

19. Pulse pressure (pp) is considered the _____.

a. Difference between the systolic and diastolic pressure
b. The sum of the systolic and diastolic pressure
c. The inverse of the blood pressure
d. Half of the systolic pressure

20. _____ nerves can be found joining the SA and AV nodes in the heart.

a. Accelerator
b. Phrenic
c. Thoracic
d. Gastric

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