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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nursing Quiz: Topic: Leptospirosis

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1. Which of these is not an alternative name for Leptospirosis?

a. Icterohemorrhagic fever
b. Rice-field fever
c. Mud fever
d. Cattle fever

2. Leptospirosis in human rarely occurs through:

a.Direct contact with contaminated animal urine
b. Indirect contact with contaminated animal urine
c. Contact with contaminated human urine
d. Contact with contaminated soil

3. Which of these groups is at increased risk of Leptospirosis?

a. Swimmers
b. Sewer workers
c. Farmers
d. All the above

4. Incubation period for leptospirosis is:

a. 2 - 6 days
b. 2 - 16 days
c. 2 - 26 days
d. 2 - 36 days

5. Ocular manifestations common in anicteric leptospirosis are:

a. Conjunctival suffusion
b. Retro orbital pain
c. Photophobia
d. All the above

6. Leptospirosis disease is maintained in infected animals by:

a. Chronic infection of renal tubules
b. Chronic infection of intestinal tract
c. Chronic infection of blood
d. Chronic infection of cerebrospinal fluid

7. Which of these statements is not true with regard to leptospires?

a. They are straight spirochetes
b. They are obligate aerobes
c. Optimum growth temperature is 28-300 C
d. May be stained using carbol fuchsin counterstain

8. In humans leptospires can be detected in:

a. Urine
b. Blood
c. Cerebrospinal fluid
d. All of the above

9 . Which of these is not true regarding laboratory findings in anicteric phase of Leptospirosis?

a. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is reduced
b. White blood cells (WBC) range from below normal to moderately elevated
c. Aminotransferases are elevated
d. Alkaline phosphatases are elevated

10 . How many days after infection with leptospires do the urine cultures become positive?

a. First week of illness
b. Second week of illness
c. Third week of illness
d. Fourth week of illness

11. For isolation of leptospires, blood culture should be taken:

a. As soon as possible after patient’s presentation
b. Second week after patient’s presentation
c.Third week after patient’s presentation
d. Fourth week after patient’s presentation

12. Cultures for leptospires should be examined for how many weeks before being discarded?
a. Upto 3 weeks
b. Upto 7 weeks
c. Upto 11 weeks
d. Upto 13 weeks

13. Antibodies in blood can be detected how many days after onset of symptoms?

a. 1 - 2 days
b. 5 - 7 days
c. 9 - 11 days
d. 13 - 15 days

14. Antibiotic given to prevent leptospirosis is:

a. Doxycycline
b. Ampicillin
c. Penicillin
d. Erythromycin

15. Anicteric leptospirosis is treated with:

a. Doxycycline 100 mg bid
b. Ampicillin 500-750 mg bid
c. Amoxicillin 500 mg bid
d. Any of the above

16. Dose of ampicillin for treating Icteric leptospirosis is:

a. IV ampicillin one gram od
b. IV ampicillin one gram bd
c. IV ampicillin one gram tds
d. IV ampicillin one gram qid


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