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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nursing Care Diabetes Patients

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1. Insulin inhibits the release of _______.

a. Glucagon
b. ADH
c. Beta cells
d. Somatostatin

2. Which of the following is caused by insulin release?

a. Increased breakdown of fats
b. Increase breakdown of proteins
c. Decreased blood sugar
d. Causes glucose to be phosphorylated in kidney

3. Glucagon causes increased blood sugar and causes slow breakdown of glycogen in the liver.


4. As blood glucose decreases glucagon is inhibited.


5. Glucagon increases blood levels of glucose by causing liver to breakdown glycogen.


6. Which of the following is not true about Type I DM?

a. May be linked to autoimmunity
b. Onset usually prior to age 20
c. Beta islet cells destroyed
d. Does not require insulin injections

7. Which of the following is not true about Type II DM?

a. Considered adult onset diabetes
b. Cause unknown may be due to genetics
c. Require insulin 80% of cases
d. May take a drug that sensitize cells or increase insulin release

8. Which of the following is not an effect of diabetes?

a. Small vessel occlusion
b. Necrosis of extremities
c. Ketone Body production
d. Decreased fat metabolism

9. Which of the following is not an indicator of a hypoglycemic condition?

a. Fatigue
b. Poor appetite
c. Tachycardia
d. Confusion

10. Which of the following is not an adverse effect of oral hypoglycemics?

a. Hypoglycemia
b. Headache
c. Rashes
d. Projectile vomiting

11. Which of the following is not an adverse effect of glucagon?

a. Allergic reaction
b. Vomiting
c. Nausea
d. Fever

12. Which of the following drugs may be given as an immunosuppressant soon after onset of Type I Diabetes?

a. Torsemide
b. Cyclosporine
c. Clofibrate
d. Ceftriaxone

13. Which of the following is not considered an endocrine hormone?

a. Renin
b. Insulin
c. Glucagon
d. Somatostatin

14. What type of cells secrete glucagon?

a. Beta cells
b. Alpha cells
c. Plasma cells
d. Acinar cells

15. What type of cells secrete insulin?

a. Beta cells
b. Alpha cells
c. Plasma cells
d. Acinar cells

16. Which of the following would not be considered an acute effect of diabetes mellitus?

a. Polyuria
b. Weight gain
c. Polydipsia
d. Polyphagia

17. Which of the following is not an accurate test for diabetes?

a. Glucose tolerance test
b. HbA1c
c. Fasting serum glucose
d. Fasting glucagon test

18. Which of the following is not an indicator of diabetic ketoacidosis?

a. Hyperthermia
b. Nausea/Vomiting
c. Slow and shallow breathing
d. Psychosis leading to dementia

19. Which of the following is not related to a chronic diabetes mellitus condition?

a. Atherosclerosis
b. Neuropathy
c. Glaucoma
d. Hypotension

20. Which of the following conditions is not linked to diabetic ketoacidosis?

a. Cerebral edema
b. Arrhythmias
c. Peptic ulcers
d. Mucormycosis


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