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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Common Signs And Symptoms

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01. PTB – low-grade afternoon fever.
02. PNEUMONIA – rusty sputum.
03. ASTHMA – wheezing on expiration.
04. EMPHYSEMA – barrel chest.
05. KAWASAKI SYNDROME – strawberry tongue.
06. PERNICIOUS ANEMIA – red beefy tongue.
07. DOWN SYNDROME – protruding tongue.
08. CHOLERA – rice watery stool.
09. MALARIA – stepladder like fever with chills.
10. TYPHOID – rose spots in abdomen.
11. DIPTHERIA – pseudo membrane formation
12. MEASLES – koplik’s spots.
13. SLE – butterfly rashes.
14. LIVER CIRRHOSIS – spider like varices.
15. LEPROSY – lioning face.
16. BULIMIA – chipmunk face.
17. APPENDICITIS – rebound tenderness.
18. DENGUE – petechiae or (+) Herman’s sign.
19. MENINGITIS – Kernig’s sign (leg flex then leg pain on extension), Brudzinski sign (neck flex = lower leg flex).
20. TETANY – hypocalcemia (+) Trousseau’s sign/carpopedal spasm; Chvostek sign (facial spasm).
21. TETANUS – risus sardonicus.
22. PANCREATITIS – Cullen’s sign (ecchymosis of umbilicus); (+) Grey turners spots.
23. PYLORIC STENOSIS – olive like mass.
24. PDA – machine like murmur.
25. ADDISON’S DISEASE – bronze like skin pigmentation.
26. CUSHING’S SYNDROME – moon face appearance and buffalo hump.
28. INTUSSUSCEPTION – sausage shaped mass, Dance Sign (empty portion of RLQ)
29. MS – Charcot’s Triad (IAN)
30. MG – descending muscle weakness
31. Guillain Barre Syndrome – ascending muscle weakness
32. DVT – Homan’s Sign
33. CHICKEN POX – Vesicular Rash (central to distal) dew drop on rose petal
34. ANGINA – Crushing stubbing pain relieved by NTG
35. MI – Crushing stubbing pain which radiates to left shoulder, neck, arms, unrelieved by NTG
36. LTB – inspiratory stridor
37. TEF – 4Cs’ Coughing, Choking, Cyanosis, Continous Drooling
38. EPIGLOTITIS – 3Ds’ Drooling, Dysphonia, Dysphagia
39. HODGEKIN’S DSE/LYMPHOMA – painless, progressive enlargement of spleen & lymph tissues, Reedstenberg Cells
40. INFECTIOUS MONONUCLEOSIS – Hallmark: sore throat, cervical lymph adenopathy, fever
41. PARKINSON’S – Pill-rolling tremors
42. FIBRIN HYALIN – Expiratory Grunt
43. CYSTIC FIBROSIS – Salty skin
44. DM – polyuria, polydypsia, polyphagia
45. DKA – Kussmauls breathing (Deep Rapid RR)
46. BLADDER CA – painless hematuria
47. BPH – reduced size & force of urine
48. PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS – Nikolsky’s sign (separation of epidermis caused by rubbing of the skin)
49. RETINAL DETACHMENT – Visual Floaters, flashes of light, curtain vision
50. GLAUCOMA – Painfull vision loss, tunnel/gun barrel/halo vision (Peripheral Vision Loss)
51. CATARACT – Painless vision loss, Opacity of the lens, blurring of vision
52. RETINO BLASTOMA – Cat’s eye reflex (grayish discoloration of pupils)
53. ACROMEGALY – Coarse facial feature
54. DUCHENNE’S MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY – Gowers’ sign (use of hands to push one’s self from the floor)
55. GERD – Barretts esophagus (erosion of the lower portion of the esophageal mucosa)
56. HEPATIC ENCEPHALOPATHY – Flapping tremors
57. HYDROCEPHALUS – Bossing sign (prominent forehead)
58. INCREASE ICP – HYPERtension BRADYpnea BRADYcardia (Cushing’s Triad)
59. SHOCK – HYPOtension TACHYpnea TACHYcardia
60. MENIERE’S DSE – Vertigo, Tinnitus
61. CYSTITIS – burning on urination
62. HYPOCALCEMIA – Chvostek & Trosseaus sign
63. ULCERATIVE COLITIS – recurrent bloody diarrhea
64. LYME’S DSE – Bull’s eye rash

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